Thursday, December 8, 2011

OWS + East New York (Brooklyn): A #D6 photo essay

OWS gathers in Brooklyn for the #D6 tour of East New York 

A little rain could never dampen the moral force of Occupy Wall Street.

House warming gifts!

Mayor One Percent didn't bother sending his "army" to Brooklyn.

OWS introduced the media to a tableau of boarded up homes in East NY.

Locals getting their first tastes of Occupy Wall Street. This movement has only scratched the surface of its potential.

Journalist (and occupier) J.A. Myerson raises a fist in solidarity!

East New York is a largely black neighborhood. There, I said it. 99% = diversity. 

East New York is traditionally the murder capital of NYC.  NYPD doesn't seem worried.

Crowds were 500+ strong in the streets of East NY.

This is what the 99% looks like. 

The ubiquitous Sgt. Shamar Thomas

Quincy tells the story of his impending eviction today.

Quincy overcome with emotion.

Sanitation crew (in hard hats) moving in to do some "renovation" for the newly housed family.

NYPD staked out on the building across the street. Where are the barricades?

The indefatigable People's Library

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