Monday, January 2, 2012

Zuccotti Park Closed (so far) in 2012

NYPD barricading in #OWS at Zuccotti Park on New Year's Eve.

Just received this statement from Brookfield Spox, Melissa Coley:

Damage was caused by drunk and disorderly OWS protesters in the park on New Year's Eve resulting in 79 arrests; NYPD closed the park due to the unsafe conditions. We are currently cleaning up the broken glass and broken tree limbs, and repairing electrical wiring and outlets that were damaged. If all goes well we will open the park tomorrow morning.

Funny how Brookfield knows exactly how many arrests there were even though most didn't even happen at Zuccotti. (Thank you Brookfield for allowing the East Village to stay open!) I personally don't remember much damage (those police barricades are pretty durable!), but that's what they're saying.

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  1. Well, Y'see Brookfield is against public spaces being publicly available. Sidewalks and roads are publicly available spaces therefore they control these spaces.